What are the screws and nuts used for?

2023-03-14 14:29

What are screws and nuts used for? We have made a brief introduction to this problem before, but found that there are still many customers do not understand. Just today also take this opportunity to explain to you. I hope it can bring good help to relevant people.

Screws and nuts are also widely used at present. It plays a very important role in application. In fact, screws and nuts are fastened together with screws. In fact, all manufacturing machines need to be original. There are many kinds, we commonly used are national standard, British standard, American standard, Japanese standard nut. Screws and nuts are divided into different kinds according to different materials, such as carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, plastic steel and so on. According to the product characteristics, corresponding to the standard number of different countries can be divided into general, non-standard, (old) national standard, new national standard, American system, British system, German standard. In fact, it has a wide range of uses, which is characterized by large fixing force, but we should pay attention to the installation must have enough operating space, you can use an adjustable wrench or an adjustable wrench, or the wrench above the glasses key large working space. Of course, it is also widely used in all screws, because its fastening force is relatively large, can be operated with hexagon wrench, screw nut installation is very convenient, can be used for almost all types of buildings. Relatively beautiful and neat, the disadvantage is low fixed force, outer hexagon, inner hexagon repeated use is easy to damage, can not be removed.

In fact, screws and nuts are rarely used in machinery. Mechanical properties as above, more used in furniture. The main function is to increase the contact area with wood materials, increase the beauty. It needs to be used in structures such as on-line structures, where a large lift is needed, or where the cylinder head needs to be hidden. In fact, the product is used for power machinery, its main role is the same as the inner hexagon. Screws and nuts are embedded with nylon ring to prevent thread loosening. Used on high-power machines. It mainly plays the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece. It is mainly used for pipes, connecting materials and part of stamping parts and castings. Screws and nuts are also one of the common fasteners. Bolts and nuts are the parts that hold the mechanism together. The same specification can only be connected by internal thread. For example, M4-0.7 can only be paired with M4-0.7. If you do not understand the place can call our telephone at any time to consult, enter the official website can see the way to contact, you can also consult online customer service staff. Will help you to solve some problems in the quotation method.

After the introduction of the above content, we have a more detailed understanding of the use of screws and nuts, and also know its characteristics and know where to use it at ordinary times. If you don't understand the question, you can call to ask.